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One of of plants in our hydro room hermed out and pollinated all the ladies.... 


This is AAA+ Indoor with seeds, so we are doing a temporary special on all flower gifts!



Lemon Poundcake is a potent sativa-dominant strain with sweet and musky aromas. The strain emits a pungent citrus aroma with a musky Cheese undertone. Being the result of crossing Lemon Skunk with Cheese, it is easy to see where it gets its name from. The Lemon Pound Cake strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid, and its dominant terpenes are caryophyllene, humulene, and myrcene. Lemon Pound Cake THC percentage levels tend to average in the high teens. The cured buds of Lemon Pound Cake are shaped like spades and covered in lots of burnt orange pistils as well as trichomes, giving it a fuzzy appearance. Effects have been described by consumers as being uplifting and relaxing in social settings. Some have used Lemon Pound Cake for muscle spasms, depression, and headaches. Others noticed an increase in energy or motivation. It’s been compared to drinking a caffeinated beverage.


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