Whats your pick up location ?

4631 41st Nw Washington Dc 20016

Can I shop In store ?

Yes , You can place your order in store but we do not display any products at the store. All pictures on our site are of actual products we carry.

How do I reach you ?

The fastest way to get a response is using out chat tab on the lower right hand corner. If you do not get an immediate response during business hours it because we are busy helping a customer but we will respond as fast as possible so just give us a few minutes. You can also reach us at by phone or text at 202-751-5774.

What are your hours ?

We are open 10am-7pm. Our last pick up is 6:45 . You can pick up your order anytime we are open once your order is placed online.

Do you deliver ?

No. sorry we do not deliver 

What do I need to come pick up ?

You need to have a Valid State Id showing you are 21 or older.

I don't have a DC address can I still place an order ?

Yes, put "1234 in store" Washington dc 20011 as your address at check out

Do you accept Cash app, paypal or Venmo?

No, sorry we only accept cash. We do have an ATM inside the store for your convenience. 

Why was my order cancelled ?

All orders that are not picked up the same day are automatically cancelled by our system. If you were unable to pick up your order on the day it is placed and it is cancelled you can always reorder. 

For any other questions feel free to send us a chat request or call us at 202-751-5774. 

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