THC Distillates -

What Are THC Distillates And Everything You Need To Know

Over the last 10 years cannabis use has changed as fast as the tech boom!! Today we will go over THC Distillates and why it is one of the most versatile and popular forms of cannabis consumption today.

  •   THC distillate is basically cannabinoids that have distilled from concentrates or plant matter to create a purer form of THC consumption.
  • It is essentially a process that separates and refines THC, CBD on a molecular level.
  • Distillation uses Heat and vacuum to vaporize the cannabinoids. That vapor contains Cannabinoids, plant matter, chlorophyll as well as other terpenes which are collected using a cooling method.
  • The result is a pure clean oil that contains a very high concentrate of almost pure THC.



                          Above- Short Path Distillation Equipment 

Distillate contains already activated cannabinoids so it can then be used to infuse foods, smoked or even vaped. There is no need to extract using butter or any other fats as you normally would with cannabis flower.     



                                             Above- Final Product


Now that you are more familiar with Distillate and how it is made, let's go over the different ways you can consume it.


  • VAPING- One of the more popular ways of distillate consumption. Used in THC cartridges like ours!
  • ORAL- Another very popular form of distillate consumption. In the process of extracting and producing distillate it gets activated. Which simply means there is no need to cook with butter or any other fat source to extract and activate the THC. You can actually just put some under your tongue for example or even just top off your cake with some!
  • SMOKING- The oldest form of cannabis consumption is still a great way for you to try THC distillate. You can dab it or even put some on the outside of your joint!

 With so many different uses of THC Distillate its no wonder it is one of the more popular forms of cannabis consumption today !

Note: THC Distillate is very thick and needs to be warmed up before you can squeeze it out of the glass syringe that we package them in. Please do not try to force it out. If it does not come out easily then its not warm enough. You can use a Hot cup of hot water and drop the whole syringe in there for about a minute, you can use a blow dryer, you can even use a lighter but be carful not to heat it quickly as it will gush out. Enjoy Responsible and always work your doses up and be patient for the effects to take effect, everyone body is different and i have heard of people who need upwards of 2 hours to get the full effect.